BFF marry from Malaysia to Taiwan: Aeting & ChenTao’s wedding

We have deli cakes from Taiwan…

Ji muis go go go~

Heng dais go go go~

the mission to unlock this…

Pro photographer of the day BK Loh

battle still going on…
*The Ipad Girl is wearing MQ06 Bespoke~

Money come then u all can pass the game…

Is yoga time babe…

Do you know? This is good for health…

Game is going on while the groom is busy writing 100 words love letter…

…and the bride checking the letter, she said: Y the writing so ugly?

Kiss the bride and then bring her home…

tea ceremony in tian hou temple with taiwan parents…

to the left to the left…

I choose this photo to keep…


The dai kum jie Mummy Three of the day wear stylish clog, i luv it!


And, me of cos wearing MQ06 bespoke.


3 Responses to “BFF marry from Malaysia to Taiwan: Aeting & ChenTao’s wedding”
  1. mrspedigrew says:

    Such a beautiful and fun wedding! Love your work. You should come enter our photo contests some time!


  2. portfolioofpatisserie says:

    Wow the wedding looks great! Don’t you love those games where the groom has to bribe all the single ladies in order to see his bride? Free money!


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