Wardrobe Styling: Artist

Here are some part of my styling work for artist.






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Styling for Cecilia Yong
I have known CC before she turned into Malaysia hottest female dancer after winning So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) season 2 in year 2008. She’s super friendly to work with, a truly understandable client, pretty talented lady, please join her facebook fanpage to support her.

fitting session

Close up details #HandBeadingWork


Styling for Ellisan 锂扇 《一些 MORE》 Music Video

This music video was one of my styling job as well, and I also invited to attend her mv launch press conference as well.
Here’s the final mv, please enjoy:


Styling for Gina’s Never Stop Dancing Music Video

And this is the final video, a very satisfying high quality of local production music video, please enjoy:


Styling job for V (part l)

V, is Malaysia rising pop dance group, formed from two males and two females who have totally different style. They are team leader Toro, lead singer Thera, dancer Shin and Ruyi. They have been nominated top group in PWH Music Award 2010. Here is one of my favour song from this album. Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the music video. :)

I styled the look for their first album V Are Here, based on theme darkness of vampire. Layering of different texture of black, create the richness of dark tone, adding a touch of light silver and red, totally emphasize the luxuries of vampire.

Album Front Cover

Album Back Cover

Photos taken during fitting session:


Styling for V (part ll)
This time, V are wearing my designer award collection The Gladiator feat their second release sigle hit U&V.

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