Special Collab with Hands 25th Anniversary

This a special collaboration project with Hands Percussion Malaysia and Malaysia Chinese Calligrapher Ong Chia Koon 王嘉堃.

Bernard Goh invited Queenie Chamber to design a special piece, to represent the special year of Hands Percussion Malaysia. 2022 is meaningful year for him, celebrating quarter century anniversary living a life that embodied passion for music, drumming and percussion.

Jia Kun Ong is well known of his signature calligraphing Chinese songs lyrics in traditional method. “衣服的歌曲是鄭中基的”真朋友”,為支持手集團25年的朋友而選的歌詞。能夠不間斷的支持25年的,都是真朋友。而紅色的則是風雨同舟,也是感謝大家對手集團的支持。風雨放在前面,由手集團面對,但沒有後面大家支持的”同舟”作為靠山,手集團也不可能堅持到現在。”–said Jia Kun.

Queenie Chong, creative brain behind Queenie Chamber bespoke label, always fascinating in exploring the world of designing garments. Compare with pass few years having fun of digital printing on garments, this is the first time transferred traditional Chinese calligraphy on rice paper into digital world, after that make it real on garment. Song lyrics full of kimono silhouette, garment made of lightweight crepe fabric, perfect for Malaysia hot and humid weather. It’s made for unisex, easy pairing with any tee and pants for your daily outfits.

This collaboration is launched at 3 July 2022, pre-order here (3 weeks to delivery).

Jia Kun Ong ‘s original Chinese calligraphy on rice paper, separately.
Calligraphy photographed by Dev Lee