Craft DIY: How To Make A Pom Pom Elmo?

Material needed as seen: pom pom maker, red yarn, a pair of wiggle eyes, brown felt ball as nose, black felt cut into shape as mouth, some craft glue, scissors. Cut 1m red yarn, double fold and tie in u shape. Start rolling red yarn in bigger circle of pom pom maker till desire volume. … Continue reading

Beauty Review: Vaseline Body Serum

  We love and we hate exam. We love study actually just worry can’t memorize content in head. Because we always want the best result. When come to skincare products, we have tons of choices on rak. We have phobia in selection too, can all products absorbed into skin for its full benefits? It would be … Continue reading



One and a half month, 96 episodes, 3 episodes per day 武媚娘传奇 finally comes to the end last night. There are some thoughts I would love to share it here: 1 EMPRESS WU EQUALLY NOWADAYS MODERN WOMEN Basically she is icon of modern women: feminine appearance yet tough inner spirit. Intelligence, creative and progressive. She just … Continue reading


Style Gossip: Fascinating with Lan Yu Embroidery World

Browsing my weibo this morning, I saw this amazing fish images. Get to know what it made of I was like HOLYCOW, Neither photograph nor painting, but embroidery. It was an embroidery art exhibition at Grand Palais early July this year by China top designer Lan Yu. This is a traditional method embroidery hand stitch … Continue reading

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