Beauty Review: Mary Cohr Catio Vital Deluxe Treatment, Firm and Lift Face Even Without Exercise

As a full-time-mom plus freelance designer cum blogger, I almost switch myself in to hibernate mode when everything done at the end of day. Seriously I don’t have much energy to do any single exercise, even a 3-reap-10-times cardio whatever. I feel so bad seeing dumbbell gumball covered with dust. Motherhood is just too exhausted. … Continue reading



As a mom, I prefer using more natural products on my little Lauren, and I believe every moms do so. Months ago I received some made-in-France products from Mustela®, Mustela® is a revolutionize skincare brand with wide range of products from the-day-you-pregnant to your baby borned. 10 years, they using a ten years long of research … Continue reading


Craft DIY: How To Make A Pom Pom Elmo?

Material needed as seen: pom pom maker, red yarn, a pair of wiggle eyes, brown felt ball as nose, black felt cut into shape as mouth, some craft glue, scissors. Cut 1m red yarn, double fold and tie in u shape. Start rolling red yarn in bigger circle of pom pom maker till desire volume. … Continue reading

Beauty Review: Vaseline Body Serum

  We love and we hate exam. We love study actually just worry can’t memorize content in head. Because we always want the best result. When come to skincare products, we have tons of choices on rak. We have phobia in selection too, can all products absorbed into skin for its full benefits? It would be … Continue reading

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